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  • Celeste Gingerella

LGBTQ+ Friendly Salon

My goal as a hairstylist is to help make anyone who sits in my chair feel better about the way they look or how they perceive themselves. When you look good you feel good and our hair has a large part to play in that. Our appearance is one of the many ways we use to express ourselves.

I've always been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years I've realized that for some it can be hard to find a salon, hairstylist or barber that are inclusive. From different hair textures to being in marginalized communities, it can be more of a search to find a salon or barbershop best suited for a clients needs, morals, and lifestyles. I've had LGBTQ+ clients experience uncomfortable situations where they weren't listened to, misgendered, or ostracized for their hair goals. This is breaks my heart. Our goal as hair professionals is to make each person we service feel and look their best. Not to make them feel more isolated or judged for their requests.

CG Hair Design is a safe and inclusive salon for all. I've added my business listing to an awesome website called Strands For Trans, where LGBTQ+ people are able to find service providers in their area. I've had clients add my services to other platforms where they saw people looking for hairstylists/barbers near them. I'm so grateful that my clients know I'm here for them as well as other folks looking for a safe place to be themselves. That's what drew me to being a hairstylist in the first place. I personally was able to be my authentic self and help others express their authentic selves.

If you're looking for a salon/hairstylist who won't judge you, who will respect and listen to you then look no further! CG Hair Design can be the place for you. I hope to hear from you soon!


Owner of CG Hair Design

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